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Steve Grimm
Grimm Bros - Steve, Jilayne, Lars, Craig
Grimm Bros - Lars, Steve, Craig, Jilayne
Bad Boy - Xeno, Steve, Scott. Craig
BAD BOY - the Legendary Band that Milwaukee Made Famous
Steve Grimm & Xeno - guitars & vocals / Craig Evans - bass / Scott Berendt - drums 
All four are veterans of countless gigs and campaigns across the U.S. featuring original music from their many recordings. 

The Grimm Brothers / Pretty Grimm
Steve Grimm - guitar & vocals / Craig Evans - bass / Gary Koehler - drums
This group plays a bluesy style of Classic Hits in the Midwest region. Many times they are accompanied by the dynamic Char Fiore as vocalist. 

Steve Grimm studied music at Berklee, taught songwriter courses at the WI Conservatory of Music and was a music instructor for Milw Public Schools for ten years. His music and bands have won multiple WAMI awards and his original tunes have been hailed as Classic Rock with a twist of English Blues and continue to tout airplay after four decades. Steve is also a member of The Booze Brothers Rhythm and Blues show band and has  participated in and organized the annual Sleighriders all star rock music fundraiser since 1982.
Steve on songwriting...
"Every good song has a story. Sometimes you may have to look deep into our songs, but that’s your job. Let the stories relate to your own life. There is always a story behind every song. I am always working on new material - it is a continuous process for me."